Personal essay

Will I ever be Australian enough? | SBS Voices

And that was that. I grew up, watched Home and Away and the Australian Open, sang in the school choir, worked at McDonalds after school, went to uni, and got a job.

I signed up for my childhood nightmare of playing team sports | SBS Voices

I agreed to play, and spent most of the match trying to be helpful but not so helpful that I might actually get my hands on the ball and need to actually do anything. We didn’t win.

Why I decided to buck safety warnings and hitchhike on my own | SBS Voices

I’ve always wanted to travel by myself. It took me 24 years to finally get around to it, and when I finally did, I decided to not just travel solo, but hitchhike. My best friend says it’s typical of me. I mention wanting to do something offhand—starting a Masters, getting a dog, hitchhiking across another country—and the next minute, I’m doing it.