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Don’t talk to me about ‘authentic’ food | SBS Voices

Give me cheeseburger spring rolls and deep-fried ice cream drizzled in Nutella. Give me burgers with bao for buns and fries loaded with roast duck and plum sauce.

How (And Why) I Hitchhiked In New Zealand | AWOL

The first time I attempted to hitchhike in New Zealand, I was nervous as hell. I stood by a road leading out of Picton and stuck my thumb out awkwardly, sure that the people walking by were secretly laughing at my clear lack of nous. Every time a car drove past, I thought about giving up and renting a car.

Food Junky’s Pizza in Canberra | BMA Magazine

When I moved out of home and next to Lygon Street in Melbourne, famed for its abundance of Italian food, my appreciation of pizza was sharpened again – despite my Milanese housemates telling me that it wasn’t “real” Italian (because “real” Italian was Milanese, not Sicilian).