‘Star Wars’ Doesn’t Belong To You: A Message To The Men Harassing Kelly Marie Tran | Junkee

So when sci-fi films imagine all the possibilities of a futuristic world — with robots and spaceships and aliens — but stop short of imagining people of colour, it says that the people who make and consume this media don’t see people like me in the future. It says that people can suspend their disbelief for space battles and laser swords, but not for more than one person of colour.

Glitch Is The Terrifying Aussie Genre Hit You’ve Been Waiting For | Junkee

Glitch draws on the symbolic and physical power of the Australian landscape, a show very much a product of where it is set. But that’s not a weakness, it’s a strength. In doing so, the audience can see their own country, in all its beauty and danger, anew. And Australians can start to imagine science fiction or fantasy, not just in America or in the distant future, but in our backyards.

Review: FAG/STAG | Pop Culture-y

As Jimmy, Fowler runs the emotional gamut from cheery to blasé to his absolute lowest point: his monologue at that point is heartbreakingly honest. Isaacs as Corgan also seems to excel in those quiet, internal moments of contemplation and despair, but has some big, loud scenes which are difficult but equally truthful.